Promised Blessings from the Lord

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are humbled as a Stake Presidency to combine our faith with yours to “Gather Together As One With Faith in Jesus Christ”, and accept the invitation to participate in a Year-Long Fast during 2019.

God has promised blessings for those who seek to do His will. President Johnson reminded us during the Stake Fireside on January 6th that it is not enough to have faith alone: “Faith without works is dead and we must do as the Lord has taught us in ‘working to bring to pass’ our righteous desires. In addition to exercising our faith we must be deliberate in our efforts.”

Promised blessings from the Lord as a result of our Year-Long Fast are:

• WE will SEE opportunities to share the gospel and minister with love in a natural way.

• WE will find the strength and the faith necessary to TRY His works to do.

• MANY we associate with will have a desire to COME INTO the fold of God and be baptized.

• INCREASE of desire in our children to SERVE a full-time mission.

• PERSONAL revelation for individual needs will flow freely through the Spirit to those who SEEK to do God’s will.

• MIRACLES of God’s power will be MANIFESTED. Wards will grow to fill and overflow the capacity of our chapels.

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