Christ and Children

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are humbled as a Stake Presidency to combine our faith with yours to “Gather Together As One With Faith in Jesus Christ”, and accept the invitation to participate in a Year-Long Fast during 2019.

God has promised blessings for those who seek to do His will. President Johnson reminded us during the Stake Fireside on January 6th that it is not enough to have faith alone: “Faith without works is dead and we must do as the Lord has taught us in ‘working to bring to pass’ our righteous desires. In addition to exercising our faith we must be deliberate in our efforts.”

Promised blessings from the Lord as a result of our Year-Long Fast are:

• WE will SEE opportunities to share the gospel and minister with love in a natural way.

• WE will find the strength and the faith necessary to TRY His works to do.

• MANY we associate with will have a desire to COME INTO the fold of God and be baptized.

• INCREASE of desire in our children to SERVE a full-time mission.

• PERSONAL revelation for individual needs will flow freely through the Spirit to those who SEEK to do God’s will.

• MIRACLES of God’s power will be MANIFESTED. Wards will grow to fill and overflow the capacity of our chapels.


Stake Presidency Vision

• Every Member to have an opportunity to serve in the Kingdom of God through having a Church calling.

• Every Stake, Ward, and Family Council frequently read, pray, ponder, and discuss Mosiah 18 and apply the principles found therein.

• Strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.

• Activate the “Power of the Priesthood” in each and every home.

• The spiritual strength of the Stake lies in the strength of the Ward.

• The spiritual strength of the Ward is found in the strength of the Family.

• The Family is strengthened through the righteous use of the Priesthood inside the home.

• Every member of the Stake to have access to the Savior and healing power of the Atonement through the use of Priesthood keys.

• Use personal interviews to express the Savior’s love and recognize the good each member does.

• Encourage a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through personal scripture study, Temple attendance and service to others.

• Every member 12 years and older to qualify for and obtain a Temple recommend.

• Each family to attend the Temple on a regular and consistent basis.

• Sustain, support and protect the Sisters of the Stake through righteous use of the Priesthood.

• Teach Gospel principles and testify of Gospel truths.

• Encourage members to Come Unto Christ by reverencing covenants made and recognizing the need for Gospel ordinances.

• Help each member understand they have the right and obligation to receive personal revelation. This is best achieved through a spirit of reverence.

• Make the Family Unit the central focus in all we do.

• Our primary focus is on strengthening the family unit relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ.

• Remember the family unit can consist of one individual or multiple generations.

• Be an instrument in the hands of the Lord and set an example to members of the Stake by seeking out and being led to individuals who will respond to the message of the Elders and Sisters.

• Invite these individuals to have missionary lessons in our homes.

• Cada miembro tendrá la oportunidad de servir en el Reino de Dios teniendo un llamamiento de la Iglesia.

• En todos los Consejos de Estaca, Barrio y Familia, se debe leer, orar, meditar, y hablar acerca de Mosíah 18 con frequencia y aplicar sus principios dentro de ello.

• Fortalecer la relación entre Esposo y Esposa.

• Activar el “Poder del Sacerdocio” en todo hogar.

• La fortaleza espiritual de la Estaca proviene de la fortaleza del Barrio.

• La fortaleza espiritual del Barrio proviene de la fortaleza de la Familia.

• La Familia se fortalece por medio del uso justo del Sacerdocio dentro del hogar.

• Cada miembro de la Estaca tendrá acceso al Salvador y el poder sanador de la Expiación por medio del uso de las llaves del Sacerdocio.

• Se usan las entrevistas personales para expresar el amor del Salvador y se reconoce lo bueno que cada miembro hace.

• Se alienta una relación personal con El Señor Jesucristo por medio del estudio personal de las escrituras, la asistencia al Templo, y el servicio a los demás.

• Cada miembro de 12 años en adelante debe calificar para obtener una recomendación para el Templo.

• Cada miembro debe asistir al Templo en una base regular y consistente.

• Se sostiene, se apoya y se protege a las Hermanas de la Estaca por medio del uso justo de Sacerdocio.

• Se enseñan los principios del Evangelio y se testifican de las verdades del Evangelio.

• Se alienta a los miembros a Venir A Cristo por medio de los convenios de reverencia que se han hecho y se reconoce la necesidad de las ordenanzas del Evangelio.

• Se ayuda a cada miembro a entender que tienen el derecho y el deber de recibir revelación personal. Esto se logra por medio de un espíritu de reverencia.

• Se hace de la Unidad Familiar el enfoque central en todo lo que hacemos.

• Nuestro enfoque primordial es de fortalecer la relación de la Unidad Familiar con el Salvador Jesucristo.

• Recordemos que la Unidad Familiar puede consistir en un solo individuo o en varias generaciónes.

• Seamos instrumentos en las manos del Señor y seamos un ejemplo a otros miembros de la Estaca por medio de buscar y ser guiados a los individuos a quienes respondan al mensaje de los Elderes y Hermanas.

• Invitemos a estos a recibir las lecciones de los misioneros en sus hogares.

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