Stake Presidency Message – October 2015

If we live too much in the past we leave little room for life in the future. For many it can be difficult to overcome poor choices made long ago. Those choices need not define who we are today.

Reflect with me upon three men we read of in the scriptures for their examples of strength and service in the Lord’s kingdom. It was not always so.

The first was Peter. Thrice he denied the Christ after proclaiming to the Lord he would never do such a thing. “…And immediately the cock crew…And he went out and wept bitterly”. The second was Paul, who was active in the persecution of Christians and took part in the martyrdom of Stephen. “And Saul was consenting unto his death.” The third, Alma the Younger, who went about destroying the church of God, “…giving a chance for the enemy of God to exercise his power over them.” How different their life would have been had they chosen to spend future time living in the shadows of past decisions.

Satan attempts to keep us from seeing clearly our potential. His purpose is to keep us in the darkness of past decisions, knowing that if successful he can prevent us from seeing the brilliance of our future. It need not be so. From a loving Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ, the atonement provides the opportunity to start anew. The Lord later bestowed upon Peter the keys of the kingdom of God on the Earth. Alma the Younger reclaimed many of the Lord’s precious children through teaching the plan of redemption. The writings of Paul revered by all are recorded in the New Testament and provided valuable instruction to the church.

They all overcame mortal weakness and stand as a testimony: the atonement of Jesus Christ indeed makes our future bright and glorious.

President Johnson

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