2015 Seminary Letter to Students and Parents

Dear Seminary Students and Parents,

Welcome to Seminary. We look forward to a new year of Seminary and are blessed to have dedicated teachers who are excited for a new year of learning. Participating in seminary and meaningful daily scripture study will help you come to know the Savior and better understand His Atonement. Seminary can prepare you for Missionary Service and Temple Marriage, to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, and to be more deeply converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Seminary Kickoff Fireside will be held Sunday, August 23 at 7pm in the McFadden building. The first day of Seminary will be September 2. This year the course of study is the Old Testament.

Please remember a change was made to the Seminary graduation requirements. The following requirements must be met to receive credit toward Seminary graduation:

• 75% attendance and 75% on time to class

• Completion of the reading assignment (Old Testament)

• Receive a passing score on both learning assessments

• Obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from your bishop

Teachers will work with students to provide every opportunity to meet these graduation requirements. Students who choose not to meet all graduation requirements but who meet the attendance requirement will receive a certificate of recognition for their participation. We invite and encourage each of you to earn the Stake President’s Award, which will be presented to each student of all grade levels who meets the following requirements:

• 90% attendance

• Completion of requirements 2-4 listed above

• Memorization and mastery of all 25 scripture mastery scriptures

• Memorization of The Family: A Proclamation to the World

• Scripture reading at least 15 minutes for a minimum of 168 days during the school year

At minimum, the expectations for Huntington Beach North Stake seminary students are:

• Be on time each day with scriptures in hand and ready to begin class

• Participate and engage in class discussion and learning

• No cell phone use (including for scripture reading) during class

• Appropriate dress. The Strength of Youth states our grooming and dress habits invite the companionship of the Spirit. Your dress also influences the way you and others act.

We love the teachings found in this sacred volume of scripture and with you, commit to complete the Old Testament reading assignment, memorize all 25 scripture mastery scriptures, memorize The Family: A Proclamation to the World and have daily scripture reading at least 15 minutes for a minimum of 168 days during the school year. We love and pray for you each day.

See you in Seminary,

The HBN Stake Presidency

Clay E. Johnson      Gregory V. Anderson      Gary E. Smith


2015 Seminary Letter [.pdf, 120KB]


2015-2016 Seminary Fireside
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